Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh and

Matt's previous post about our two day stay in Seattle after the wedding was missing a couple of points I couldn't leave unsaid, or maybe I just wanted a chance to post some more pictures.
After the ceremony, Matt and I had a great but exhausting time chasing around the boat, saying hello to everyone, taking pictures, cutting cake, having Matt step on my bustle, bust it, and then start the first dance with the busted bustle un-bustled. I really thought I might fall and it was such a rush, I really wouldn't have had it any other way. We loved every moment on the boat but we needed to quickly check in to our hotel and get back to the rental house in time for wedding reception #2. The boat was so big, but I hope I got to say hello to everyone, and hopefully goodbye!

Matt and I left boat and sped off to the fabulous Inn at the Market. We walked in to the hotel and I don't know what really happened after that. I think there was some sort of sound like clapping, and the ladies waiting in the lobby crowded around. Cameras appeared out of nowhere. Matt escaped to the check-in desk. The women's husbands lingered on the edges. I think there are pictures of me on a lobby couch with my shoes off in someone's vacation slideshow, somewhere. I'd say Matt came to save me with the key to the hotel, but I was really having a great time. The ladies' excitement was rubbing off. So I was already excitable enough when Matt told me that they had upgraded us to the waterfront suite. I expect never to stay in a more wonderful room. It was all very white and modern with these classy little accents, but I couldn't really find the bed, and where was the bathroom? Matt said, "upstairs" and I didn't really get it for a minute. Wait, upstairs? Having two ocean views in one hotel room, stacked on top of each other was a bit mind blowing. I think we just collapsed there for a little while, rallied, ate a little complimentary truffle, cut me out of my dress with only a safety pin, threw something on and headed out for the party. We really can't thank Aunt Shelby, Uncle Pat, and Aunt Diana enough for setting us up there for those two days. It was the perfect break after such a fun and busy week.

Our booth had the second best artwork at Whiskey Bar.
I'm pretty sure Matt covered most of the rest. He left out some of the wacky parts, like the drunk girl at Whiskey Bar who ordered whatever drink I was having and our bemused and eventually successful attempt at finding the strip club Matt went to, or the dangerous late night bar sushi that I fought off with a quick nap and a slight fever. I can't vouch that the food was worth it, but the fellas to the right of us at the bar were top notch conversationalists. I think I'll always remember sitting at the park with Matt and watching the soldiers slowly sail into harbor, boat after boat, all day long. They stand to attention along the edges the whole time coming in. I didn't know that, and they coast in so slowly. I was a little worried that they were all very uncomfortable but it was a great sight to see all those white uniforms in perfect symmetry around the boat.

We hated to leave, but were happy to get home too. Oh, bittersweet.

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