Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Emerald Adventure

I used to consider myself to be a person who could not live in a city.  With the traffic congestion, crazy people, and noise, I think I would go nuts.  But after living in Bellingham, a small size of a large city, and living in the midst of Vancouver I think It's something I could do, if I had to.  Seattle is a great city and Colleen and I certainly got to see much of its charm for the two days after our wedding.  One thing cities like Seattle have to offer is the events.  There is always something going on and if you can't find something you'll enjoy, then perhaps life is just not for you.

We walked around Pike's Place for the two days we had to ourselves.  Monday was a day full of food.  I wanted to celebrate our marriage, so a couple of days before hand, I made reservations at a french restaurant located inside the market called Place Pigalle.  Colleen had the duck.  I had the risotto with duck confit.  Both were delicious.  I also had a wine, which I can't remember the name of, that was grown only in Argentina and was very good.

Earlier that day we had to take advantage of one of our numerous wedding gifts and eat lunch at Matt's in the Market.  We were specifically told to have lunch, not dinner, at this location.  The advice was great.  I had a beef brisket sandwich.  I'm spotty on what Colleen had.  The beer was good, although nothing that I wouldn't find in other places.  But still a nice selection of micro brews.

Of all the beer I had while I planned, shopped, drove, visited, and relaxed around Seattle the best was the Tandem.  I discovered this on the night of my bachelor party.  I enjoyed one more while sitting in a bar with Colleen during my last night in Seattle.  The next time I go, I may have to find a bar that serves that brew.

Our last day we shopped in the market.  We bought peaches, lychee berries, tomatillos and a painting to remember our short two day stint in Seattle.  The artist of the painting gave us 5 dollars off as a congratulations to our recent marriage.

Fortunately these two days are not the full extent of our honeymoon.  If they were, I'm not sure if I would still work for my current employer.  We will be enjoying the beaches of Tulum Mexico in mid to late October.  The weather should be great, as long as no hurricanes pay us a visit.

In which Matt is a ravenous sea monster.
We have also purchased plane tickets to Dublin Ireland.  We will be leaving on January 12 and returning on ???  That will be the first leg of our journey to Europe.  We're both excited and very happy at the deal we were able to get.

Blogspot does not recognize the words, confit, lychee, or tomatillo.  This blogosphere is more uncultured than I ever could have feared.

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