Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Anxiety is Your Happiness

The haircut was a huge success.
Enough of this posting about the preparation for the wedding. I can tell you what the preparation for the wedding was like: One big giant sleep deprived headache. It's time to write about the actual wedding. It is what everyone was there to see and it is why I woke too early several mornings and why I probably lost another couple strands of hair from my head.

The wedding was great. At least from my perspective, but that may be slanted since I was the Groom. However several people came to me afterward and mentioned how beautiful the ceremony was and how great of a time they had. This means a lot to me. I don't quite know how I would feel if people only had an okay, or terrible time at my wedding. Although I'm sure some did. One thing I've learned over the years, especially from my job, is that you can't please everyone. As long as most people had a great time, and I'm sure they did, then all the worry and hassle before hand was worth it.

Some of you may remember Colleen and I danced to the song "I'm on a Boat" by Lonely Island. I had a great time dancing to this and it seemed most people thought it was a pretty cool idea to play this while we were on the ferry boat. I've seen a video of us dancing and it does seem to make for a good time. While watching the video, I noticed some of my dancing was less than adequate. Although I admittedly would prefer other activities to dancing, I knew this was my wedding and I was going to boogie. Since dancing at my brother Luke's wedding, I've gotten more comfortable dancing in front of people and I'm at the point now, when while I'm dancing and I'm going to break loose and not care what others think. This video though, would seem to show that I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Although usually I would agree with that perception, the truth at my wedding is that that I was absolutely freaking exhausted. I had woken at two that morning because I was too excited. By the time the dancing came along I figured if I got through the Bride and Groom, Groom and Mother and boogie songs, I would be okay. This was perhaps not quite accurate. My poor gesticulations of feet and legs clearly shows an exhausted Groom that could easily be mistaken for just a bad white dancer.

Going back to how people were telling me they thought the ceremony was beautiful and they had a great time I must let everyone know of one thing. The beautiful ceremony, Colleen and I owe to our officiant, Darin Cline. I know Darin was nervous trying to pull this off and he went through I believe he said eight drafts of speech before everyone heard the one they did. The reason Colleen and I chose Darin to fill one of the most important positions of our wedding is because we knew he would pull it off without a hitch. He did a great job and we are forever grateful for his contribution.

Another big shout out of a thank you goes to Colleen and I's family. They were a great help in bringing everything together and we could not have done it without them. Some of their help wasn't even expected, like Colleen's uncle Pat making margaritas at the rehearsal dinner. Every small thing from lighting candles, to the most important such as Jerry at the barbecue for practically every hour of the rehearsal dinner and reception is greatly appreciated. We cannot thank you enough and although I doubt we will every be able to repay you, Colleen and I will most certainly do our best.

I was hoping to write about some of Colleen and I's time in Seattle after the wedding, but this is long enough. That will have to wait until later.

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  1. Tch tch, Matt. "Colleen and I's family"? "Colleen and I's time"? Your grammar makes me cry ;P