Friday, August 6, 2010

Hey I Know That Lady

As the Battle Grounders know, (because you were mostly all there, wow!), Val made sure I did my bridely duty and hosted my bridal shower for me. We walked in to a table full of delicious food and I had a great time talking to all the ladies, eating, drinking, and being generally blown away by all the kindness and generosity crammed in to one house. It was a salad plate theme and I am now ready for any salad related social emergencies. I don't think I should wait for one to arrive though. Better just to plan one and not tempt fate. Yes, I think a salad shindig is in the cards.

The younger girls and I had to leave to get to our reservation down at Darcelle's in Portland after a quick Jello shot with everyone at the house. My Bachelorette party there was hilariously fun and the "ladies" had us roaring. I recognized the host "Poison Waters" as a person we had bumped into on the street last time I was with the girls down in Portland. She put my hair up in a bun and then lectured me on proper bra-strap matching/hiding. I suppose that would have been good fodder for the interview when they pulled the brides up on stage.

After the show, it was over to Dixies. I saw the girls dancing on the bar top and said, yes, this is the spot. I was almost convinced to join in the dance comeptition up on the bar, but it filled up in the nick of time.

We danced, we laughed, I got way too drunk. Apparently we stopped by for voodoo doughnuts. It was a fabulous night. My poor sister and mother.

I didn't have much time to sit around feeling embarrassed the next morning. I went to work and got paid to feel not exactly on the top of my game.

Well, here's to only doing that once! 

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