Friday, January 14, 2011


Arrived in Dublin yesterday after uneventful flights. Many movies were watched. We've started off on this thing for real now and I'm excited. We started with a whimper when we arrived in Dublin, sleepless and with a full day ahead of us. We had a carvery pub lunch, a bit like a buffet, bought a computer case as our other sorry case for it was already slipping out the shoulder strap, and took a nap. We were both happy to be here, and because it was off season we had our hostel dorm to ourselves. We woke refreshed enough to take a roundabout walk (I might have led us astray) and settled down at a nearby pub for a couple of Guinness. Matt tried the Smithwicks but wasn't too keen.

Today Matt went in to see the book of Kells and it was a fortunate day as the pages are turned every day and both of his pages were turned to the full page illuminations. Beats the small doodle I got to see last time I came through this town! We saw a wonderful collection of illuminated manuscripts and such in a museum nearby and then spent far too much time looking for the Guinness Storehouse. Dubliners are terrible at giving directions, but it's hard to hold it against them, they are so eager. Matt figured out that the huge building in the skyline was probably it, despite my reservations. We had a great time going through the presentations. I especially liked the display room concerning coopers (cask-makers). Hilary had told me before that it was a dying art and I can see why. The labor is long, the skill is exacting. Their long leather aprons to protect their legs are really charming though. At the end of the tour we enjoyed a pint at the Gravity Bar, a 360 degree panorama bar at the top. It was very fun and we stayed till an early closing time. We wanted traditional pub food for dinner but everything seemed to be beer only. Too busy for food I guess. So we settled for some cheesy American 50's diner. Oh well. Much love to everyone!

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  1. The beer must have a good hit. Matt has been knocked sideways. lol Miss you too and tons of love