Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We have no images to give you

Blogger´s image posting is down, but that´s just fine as we probably won´t upload our photos until we get back. We went and saw the ruins at Coba yesterday and I think both of us have seen enough stelae (carved stone slabs usually commemorating some local ruler) for a life time. Ah, but we haven´t even been to Chichen Itza yet. But those stelae are a bit different as the rulers of Chichen Itza were non-Maya mostly. Totally doesn´t count at all, those stone carvings are going to be dastically different. I swear.

We snorkled in the Grand Cenote. Fresh non-salinated water is and pretty much always has been a bit scarce in the Yucatan. Cenotes are collapsed parts of the underground water system (all that limestone has come in handy) that can be really helpful ,say, if you´re building an empire. Usually there are ruins nearby. Cenotes were considered sacred and various things were thrown into them to encourage benevolence from the rain god. Pottery,  precious stones, people (children seemed to be a favorite), etc. Alas, no special items were discovered but the underwater stone columns are breathtaking. You could probably go quite a ways through the whole underwater river system if you were so inclined. It´s all been mapped, so some enterprising person has. Those branching off parts were deep and dark. Matt and I preferred to stay in the brighter fun areas. I guess we don´t have the hearts of cave explorers. Fish nibbled on Matt and we saw a turtle.

Today we went snorkeling by the reef near Tulum ruins. Matt can´t seem to find a mask that fits his high cheekbones. We can´t get a good seal to his face so water comes into his vision quickly. Makes it a bit stressful and not as fun for him. The reef was lovely though. I went back down for another dip without Matt and saw one of those fish that suction to the side of sharks - Remoras. It wanted to sucker on to me, but I was thinking "no", so I wiggled my hands at it like I was going to bite it with my fingers. There he goes after our guide instead. The boat dropped us off right at our hotel´s beach and we got to wade into shore. That was the idea until a big wave come through. Ah, everything is drenched. Camera was safely at home. Matt was still in the boat, he was worried the boat had run me over a bit in the push. All was well, and exciting.

When they dropped us off they pointed out that just off the beach of our hotel was a small cenote, under water. Matt was up for yet another swim so we went out to take a peek. I´ve never seen anything like it. Visibility was terrible up on the top of the water. It was oily and swirly looking. I thought, "maybe it´s just so warm on the surface" because when you dive down, the water is fine. I thought it was strange but then we found the small cracks and 2 ft holes of the cenote. The oily substance isn´t oil, aha it is the cold fresh water gushing up from these underground rivers. There must be a current that is pushing it, and then it roars to the surface and the mixing of the temperatures creates motion and shift and blurs the water. You could see the different waters, it looked like clear smoke coming up from a fire. I took an underwater sip of the cenote. Fresh and delicious. Not salty at all. The fish seemed attracted to the area as well, must be something to eat, or maybe they like the cold? Hmm, doubt it. Since then we´ve dried off and stopped for ice cream. Matt had chocolate and I had rum and almond it turns out. Having a fine time and might be a bit adventuresome with a more local dinner tonight. This might spell gastronomic disaster but nothing ventured, etc.

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  1. I guess scuba diving is out of the question until Matt gets a decent mask. Sounds like you two are having a blast!